Build A Granny Flat To Extend Your Home

Before you start construction of such a self-sufficient unit, you have to think about a number of factors that could potentially affect the design of the flat. The most important question that has to be asked is who is going to live in the mobile granny flats. Also, the design will depend on whether the flat is a 

solitary unit, or whether it is attached to the main house. In most cases it is seen that people build granny flat as a single, small home for one or two individuals. If elderly people are staying in it, the design has to be simple and efficient and easy to maintain. However, simple does not mean boring. A small, simple flat can be made beautiful with its right interior and exterior design, so that the elderly too are in a pleasant environment.

There are several granny flat designs that you can choose from, and you ask the builders and professionals taking care of the construction what your exact specifications are. There are a number of advantages of such an arrangement, apart from providing a living space for elderly people. If there is another person living on the property, then that is advantageous for both parties. The security of the property increases what with more peopleinhabiting it. Also, convenience and maintenance duties can be shared. You can also rent out the granny flat to tenants, if your local legislation allows it.